Lead Paint Inspection & Abatement

Are you aware that some lead violations can be contested? Do you know which ones? We do, and we can resolve such cases quickly, and without needless expense. With extensive experience in this area, we understand the various aspects and nuances surrounding each lead project. We evaluate all the circumstances of your situation before determining the most appropriate course of action and providing you with a proposal. Factors to consider are: exposure to building occupants, worker safety and waste disposal. The EnviroTech Group team handles your project in its entirety: filing for postponements, abatement operations, third-party dust wipe clearance, and certification with New York City agencies, including HPD and the Department of Health. Our highly-qualified team specializes in vacant-unit rehabilitation strategies and XRF testing to obtain exemption from Local Law 1 requirements. We provide our clients with an unbeatable turnaround, moving quickly to obtain dismissal of HPD 616 violations and certify the abatement of lead HPD 617 violations.
Very often, we can help you fight violations before further inspections or costly abatements are required. Call today for a free consultation and estimate.bestos in your building, we will take samples for analysis. Our procedures for asbestos work are closely modeled after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) criteria. AHERA is widely considered the “state of the practice” of asbestos removal. Many of our abatement projects are performed in conjunction with selective demolition activities. By including both types of services (abatement and selective demolition) in one contract, EnviroTech is able to better utilize resources, improve coordination, shorten project duration, and reduce overall project cost to our clients.