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Clearance Testing involves dust–and sometimes soil—samples taken by a Certified Lead Evaluation Firm or Dust Wipe Sampling Tech after renovation, remodeling or other paint disturbance-causing events. Dust wipe sampling serves to verify that the area in question is safe for re-occupancy once the paint disturbances are complete.


A lead inspection is designed to answer two questions: “Is there lead-based paint (LBP) present in the housing unit?” and “Where is the lead-based paint?” Surveying a housing unit for lead-based paint is typically performed using an X-Ray Fluorescence analyzer, or XRF.

Such determinations are performed in the field, on the spot in question, and can be performed without disturbing the painted surfaces. A Final LBP Inspection Report is provided that details all tested building component measurements that are considered non-leaded as well as those that are considered to be lead-based paint. A lead paint inspection is most appropriate for property owners or their contractors who need to know where lead-based paint is located, such as in the following situations: renovation, repair, maintenance or any other paint disturbing event or who want to obtain a LBP-Free certification whereby the property is permanently exempt from the requirements of the rule.